I started off making soap as a hobby for myself and my 3 daughters during lockdown and soon became in love with the process and results. I became quite obsessed with creating completely natural and organic soaps, that will be kind on even the most sensitive of skins, whilst also delivering a luxurious lather and fabulous scents. I love creating things and putting my heart into it. And love to involve my girls in the process teaching them the benefits and uses of each ingredient along the way.



You can instantly tell the quality of Naturally Soapy’s soaps as soon as you handle them. The wonderful lather and elegant scents will always leave you wanting more!



All my soaps are posted in recycled plantable packaging with plantable and biodegradable labels. I also use plastic free glue, made from potato starch to stick down the labels. Sustainability is important to me and something I will always believe in.



All my products are suitable for vegans and cruelty free. This is extremely important to me as I believe every animal on this planet has just as much right to be here as we do!


It is no secret that nature knows best, and I believe in using exactly what nature has given us to have clean, soft and glowing skin throughout our days. Natural, handmade soaps are becoming increasingly popular due their kind nature on skin, as opposed to the harsh chemicals and preservatives found in the widely available commercial soaps. Unfortunately, at times, the result of using some all-natural products can leave you compromising on certain aspects you may like about a soap, for instance the scent, texture or lather. Compromises are made even with the more mass produced 'handmade' soaps containing preservatives. This is something I have strived to go against and have created all natural soaps with gorgeous, long-lasting scents that have a smooth texture and create a luxurious lather. Due to the fact that I keep my scale down and do not mass produce my soap bars, it means you do need to ensure your soap is allowed to fully dry after each use to prolong it use.


I love the idea of being able to give back to the earth by planting your packaging after receiving something created with wonderful ingredients taken from the earth. Naturally Soapy strives to have minimum impact on the environment and as a brand believe there is no need for awful plastic and synthetic packaging. I try to reuse wherever possible and will always go for the sustainable, earth loving route. My postage boxes are eco friendly made from 100% recycled materials, are plastic free and completely compostable.